BBA (Bachelor of Business administration) is a Bachelor’s degree in management. It is designed to impart knowledge of various functional areas of Business organization and also their interconnections. Bachelor of Business administration is a combination of Management, Economics and Commerce subjects.

"A Bachelor in Business Administration equips and prepares aspiring managers with the required knowledge and attitude"


In today's bullish Indian economy professionalism, goal orientation and wider vision are not just associated with top managers, but have become essential even for entry – level managers.After completion of BBA, one can look forward to join the following areas –

  • Junior assistant/managers in outsourced research organization/ consultancies
  • Junior managers in special functional departments as Marketing, Finance  or Human Resource
  • Junior level jobs with commercial banks, insurance firms, accounting firms, management consulting firms
  • A BBA graduate can be Entrepreneur and start his/her organization .BBA graduates can join family business and implement the management skills to run and taking it to the next level


A student will have the choice of selecting a specialization from the following domains of Management:

Marketting Management
Financial Management
Human Resource Management

Apart from the above subjects, a college may include additional subjects to the BBA curriculum and may offer more domains of management such as supply chain management, insurance management etc as choice of specialization