About Admission Consulting

The process of Admission Consulting begins from the moment a students enrols with a program. The process entails the following components:

  • School short listing 
    Selecting a set of the programs most suited to your profile and aspirations.
  • Essay and CV review 
    Providing content, language and grammar edits for your CV, application essays, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and scholarship essays.
  • Recommendation review 
    Assistance with picking out the right recommenders and providing you with draft outlines and pointers for persuasive letters of recommendation.
  • Interview preparation 
    Conducting simulated business school interviews and scholarship interviews (in person or telephonic) and providing you with school /scholarship specific interview research.
  • Finance and Visa preparation 
    Assistance on all aspects of securing financial aid, educational loans and visa preparation (including visa interviews).

Lakshya Admission Consultancy Services

v We represent 650+ Universities and Colleges in 29 countries namely USA, Canada, UK , Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Lithuania, Cyprus, Poland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, China & Bulgaria.

v We have Accreditations and Certifications from International Education consultants and organizations.

v Our Team has more than 15 years experience. We have counseled and mentored students in successfully getting admissions under-graduation or post graduation courses or PHD studies overseas.

The process of Admission Consulting begins from the moment a student enrolls with a program. The process entails the following components:

ü We will search for atleast 5 Universities as per Student’s preference of subject & profile & will take maximum a week’s time to give you a list of institutions. Our processing times are quick and efficient.

ü We will provide the details like admission criteria, deadlines, tuition fees, application procedure of the finalized universities.

ü Will provide you formats & samples of important documents like resume, SOPs,LORS, Essays, Research proposal.

ü Will review Resume, LORS & Essays and will provide suggestions to make them more effective.

ü Will provide assistance in application to Universities from our office. Prompt doubt clearing in case of other universities.

ü Guidance about visa documentation, procedure & expert mock interview before the actual visa interview.

Lakshya Admit Guarantee

Our admission consulting comes with an Admit Guarantee. This means that our students get the promise of an admission to one of several international institutes chosen at the beginning of the program, provided that you provide all the necessary documents and strictly follow the timeline set.

§ Our professional fees will be Rs. 6,000 only. (Application fees and courier charges will need to be borne separately, as applicable, by the student.)

§ If you are aiming at any of the IVY league College or Top ranked university to which we don’t have collaboration then those University applications requires high order of accuracy and personalized attention. Including those institutes our fees is Rs 30,000/- only.


MBA programs abroad may requires a high GRE/GMAT & English Scores (IELTS / TOEFL) & other extra activities like paper presentations, publications, research work etc. We can also assist you to prepare for this examination at a concessional additional fees.