The SAT is a standardized test for admissions to undergraduate programs in international universities. It is conducted by the College Board. Nearly every college in USA and many colleges in Singapore, Canada, Australia and New Zealand accept the SAT score as a part of their application process.

Global Acceptance of SAT: Nearly 1.7 million students take the SAT annually.

Who should take the SAT: SAT is an admission criterion for undergraduate programs (Bachelor’s courses) in universities in USA, and many colleges across geographies. Therefore, students of high school (grades 11th or 12th) planning to apply to these universities should take the test. Some university programs additionally look for SAT Subject Tests.


The main objective of this Exam is to determine the eligibility for lectureship and to award the Junior Research Fellowship for Indian nationals so that the minimum standards for in teaching profession and research can be fixed in smooth manner. Similarly SET Exam is conducted by State governments on the same pattern.