• Refresher classes – to help develop and consolidate concepts for students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Normal classes focusing on solving problems by applying shortcut methods.
  • Revision classes to brush up all important topics.
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Workshops on frequently asked topics in CAT like Number Systems, Geometry, etc. with each topic being divided into 2 – 4 classes for thorough coverage of related formulae and concepts.
  • Strategy to handle different types of questions
  • Individual doubt clearing sessions with faculty
  • Individual doubt clearing sessions with faculty
    – Formula based
    – Reasoning or Logic based
    – Miscellaneous involving a combination of multiple concepts
    – Innovative questions
  • Unique time saving techniques for specific topics.
  • Exhaustive practice through class assignments, home assignments and model tests.
  • Time management skills.


  • Beat the calculator
  • Learn to do each of the above calculations and more, in less than 5 seconds through a combination of Vedic Maths and in-house developed methods.
  • Unique approach to solve each of the 6 different types of graphs – Line graphs, Bar graphs, Pie charts, Tabulator data, Combo graphs, Innovative graphs.
  • Strategies to select the right type of questions and graphs, solve questions with options, deal with close options, solve logical reasoning and data sufficiency problems.
  • Cumulative Analysis (Individual & Comparative) based on all papers attempted until now
  • Index of terminology associated with graphs like EMI, interest rates, market capitalization etc. for better understanding of graphs.
  • Ample number of solved examples highlighting concepts and ideas.
  • Practice tests to improve speed and accuracy.



  • Passages designed to help student read actively as opposed to passive reading.
  • Scientific techniques like soft focus and practice passages to help shoot reading speed to upto 500 w.p.m.
  • Mind Mapping, Skimming and Scanning - excellent
  • Strategies to extract the main idea of passages in less than 30 seconds.
  • Sure shot approach to arrest regression and vocalization - the two stumbling blocks.
  • 4 easy steps to double concentration and perfect recall.
  • Detailed lessons on different type of questions.
  • Unique methods to track difficult questions.


  • A thoroughly researched and updated hotlist of the most frequently encountered words in CAT.
  • Flash card technique and C. O. W. - Powerful tools to acquire a distinctive vocabulary of more than 2000 words in less than 3 months.
  • Techniques to identify and correct grammatical errors in less than 30 seconds.
  • Special capsules on etymology with special emphasis on analogies.
  • Diagrammatic explanations offered to enhance critical reasoning.
  • Fundamentals of symbolic logic.
  • Innovative methods like P.O.E. and L.R.L. to tackle tricky structural questions on Jumbled Sentences